Company's Overview

LocalCarBuyers.Com is a fast growing e-commerce site in the world focused on individuals looking to get cash for their vehicles. LCB allows individuals and businesses to e-trade in a way that is financially and socially rewarding with no selling pressure. On LBC, individuals and businesses can sell any automobile using our online sourcing platform with no hassle. LCB customers and employees are spread across the Globe with its headquarter based in Atlanta Georgia, USA. LocalCarBuyers.Com is a proud current member of National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA), and Georgia Independent Automobile Dealers Association (GIADA).

Corporation's Contact Information:

Online Public Auction

World Headquarters

PO BOX 162411

Atlanta GA 30321

Toll free: 800-963-1672

Fax: 888-316-1672

E-mail Us, a subsidiary of, AAG of Georgia, and a division of Atoe Group of America, Inc!

Deacon Charles Atoe, MBA



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